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Partnership in Faith

Before the pandemic of Covid 19 forced the closing of the building and the cessation of in-person gatherings, this partnership in faith met in bilingual worship services on Christmas Eve, Ash Wednesday, and the Great Vigil of Easter. We also met twice a month as part of the Baptized for Life initiative when we shared a meal, learned about each of cultures, participated in a facilitated Bible study that invited deep listening, and explore social justice issues of food insecurity. During this year of disruption, we have met monthly via zoom to continue to grow our relationships and share insights into culture, religion, and faith. 

In an effort to continue growing in relationship and learning about our cultural similarities and differences Pastor Terri, the Rector at Christ Church, and Pastor Halim, the Priest in Charge at Mother of the Savior, are creating a video series where they discuss topics of faith and culture. 

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