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Christ Church is a moderately diverse faith community, reflecting our metro Detroit location. We, along with the city of Dearborn, seek to overcome our racist history. We hold racial diversity as a value in this parish and strive to be welcoming and inclusive to all people. People of color serve in all areas of parish leadership, from Vestry to Sunday morning worship. We also recognize, as a predominantly white community, that racism exists within us, often in ways we do not see. We actively work to recognize how we, unintentionally, participate in the systemic and institutionalized racism in this country and try to dismantle how it manifests in parish life. Our current Rector, Terri Pilarski, engages the parish in discussions on race during the sermon time on Sunday morning. We also hold, from time to time, forums on racism and diversity awareness training. We're far from perfect, but we are trying to be kind of Christian that Jesus calls us to be, loving our neighbor as ourselves, recognizing that we are all one in God's eyes.

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