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Labyrinth and Pet Memorial Garden

Christ Church offers beautiful grounds for walking, praying, gardening, and just sitting peacefully. The grounds are open to the public during daylight hours.

A labyrinth is a form of walking prayer. One enters the labyrinth and follows the winding cirucular path to the center and then back out again. As one walks one can silent one's mind and appreciate the beauty of the earth, the flowers, grass, and animals that live with us. One might also choose to be in prayer, contemplating a worry or celebrating a joy and lifting these up to the Divine. 

Surrounding the labyrinth are benches which invite one to sit, read, or just relax. 

The semi-circular brick raised bed is the home of our pet memorial garden, where the ashes of beloved pets can be interred. Interments are open to the public, please contact the office for more information: 313-565-8450,

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