Centering Prayer

Centering Prayer is contemplative form of group prayer, usually done with the attendees sitting in a circle in silence for twenty minutes. The prayer time begins and ends with some short meditative offering to center those who are about to pray. This might be The Lord's Prayer or something else. Those praying may use a word of phrase to help in the focus and centering of the prayer time. This work or phrase is often two syllables designed to connect the first syllable as one breathes in and then the second syllable as one breathes out. For example one might use the word Jesus this way: breath in while thinking JE....breath out while thinking SUS and repeat JE-SUS. One might also use a different word. 

The Centering Prayer group at Christ Church meets on Tuesday nights from 6pm-6:45pm in room 19, found on the lower level at the north end of the building, near Chapel Day preschool.